Danne Phillip, the founder of numerous flea markets and festivals, has once again re-imagined the flea market for a new generation. Danne was the visionary who, upon arriving in Los Angeles from Manhattan in 1991, recognized that what the L.A. landscape was missing were the neighborhood Flea Markets that flourished in the parking lots and alleys and promenades of his native Manhattan.

The sights, sounds and smells of these festivals and markets, from Soho to Chelsea, to the East Village, not only captured the unique flavor and feel of these colorful communities, but also became festive gathering places for its denizens.

With the ambition to bring this same type of event to his newly adopted hometown, Danne approached the L.A. Unified School District and Fairfax High and founded, The Melrose Flea Market which later became The Melrose Trading Post, A cherished institution that Los Angelenos have loved for 20 years.

Since then, Danne has experimented with variations on his theme of the urban flea market. mixing together Farmer’s Markets and local cuisine; cool Djs and amazing live music; Garage Sale Curios and Vintage Chic.

In 2004, Danne developed “Peddler on the Roof,” a Flea Market that took the idea of “raising the roof” to a whole new level as the event was held on the roof of the Sunset Gower Studio parking structure. With incredible views and ample parking, “Peddler” was a huge success but was eventually forced to close when the studio was sold.

Now with the introduction his latest creation, the Gourmet Music Carnival, at the spacious and panoramic Los Angeles Historic State Park, Dane has once again turned the concept of the urban flea market upside-down and taken it around the bend. We hope you’ll come along for the ride!